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Teknion Triumphs at IIDEX Part 2

Last week, we explored Teknion’s new energy management resource for workstations. This week, we’ll finish up by checking out 2 other award winning designs. These are more traditional office furniture selections, yet still worthy of IIDEX recognition for innovation:


This workstation system isn’t bound to the old fashioned cubicle style of office design; but it doesn’t completely buy into the fully open work environment craze either. Instead, this readily reconfigurable collection can be used with or without panels, as a desking or benching solution. These configurations and workstation options are intended to support the wide range of work styles in a single office environment – teaming/collaboration for employees who work closely with others on a regular basis, solitary/concentration for employees who require minimal interruption, and mobile/touch down for workers who are only in the office a few times per week. The sliding worksurfaces and movable screens make the whole setup even more agile.


Team environments, “touch down” desks for mobile workers and hoteling setups all increase the demand for more flexible seating. The Projek chair is crafted to fit a wide variety of situations, sitting styles, and body types. The mesh textile covering the seat back is designed to provide responsive support to each individual user for maximum comfort and breathability. However, unlike some “one size fits all” chairs on the market, the Projek does actually boast a wide range of adjustment features. Seat height, depth, tilt, tension, lumbar support, arm width and angle and more can be readily altered to fit the user. This means your workforce would benefit greatly from a training session on how to use the chair for the perfect ergonomic fit. Fortunately, the adjustment process is engineered to be easy, so workers won’t mind fiddling with whatever chair they’re using that day to make it meet their own preferences. Soon, adjusting the task chair may become second nature – like moving the seat and rearview mirror in a car you share with a much shorter or taller partner.


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