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Teknion Systems Furniture Wins Recognition

48Marketplace1In January, the Marketplace worktable was recognized by iF for design excellence. This modular bench is a core element of collaborative Teknion systems furniture environments. Now, it takes its place among the prizewinning products featured at the Hannover Exhibition Center. Each item was selected for inclusion based on exacting criteria for function, ergonomics, safety, branding, accessibility, eco-friendliness, workmanship, and other critical aspects of modern design.

From March through August, the Marketplace system will be on display for hundreds of thousands of viewers. Not planning a trip to Germany this year? Catch sight of these unique workspace components in this video and hear designer Carl Magnussen talk about the many sources of inspiration he relied on during the creation of Marketplace. Or, browse the library of photos and renderings to discover ways this solution could be integrated in your workplace.

What Makes Marketplace Unique?

48MPlaceDetail02This Teknion systems furniture design allows you to effectively create the longest desk in the business world. You can install an uninterrupted worktable (without periodic vertical supports) that is up to 20 feet in length. This remarkably space efficient design emphasizes teamwork and collaboration in the workplace. However, each employee’s space can also be personalized if desired.

The actual architecture of the Marketplace worktable relies on end gables connected by a lightweight yet sturdy central truss. Data and power cabling are run through this infrastructure to each workstation. The truss can also be used to support multiple monitor mounts to preserve as much open desk space as possible.

48MPlaceDetail10Lamps may be installed along the truss – both in the overhead canopy for a pleasant, ambient glow and in the form of task lighting for serious work. Screens and privacy angle inserts divide the space to give each team member their own “territory”. The Marketplace Teknion systems furniture collection includes bridges with integrated file storage that can be inserted at your desired intervals. This effectively turns the continuous worktable into a series of separate desks without taking up additional space.


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