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Open plan office environments are all the rage right now. That’s supposed to be a good thing for space efficiency and collaboration. But doing away with cubicle panels can create an atmosphere where people feel that they have no privacy at all. Teknion has decided to remedy this situation with a screen that employees can use as needed to create boundaries in the workplace. The “Behind-You” screen attaches to an Ability workstation along one side. It’s free on the other end and can be rotated around to create a shield behind the worker’s office chair. This adjustable screen lets employees block out a little of the peripheral distraction in high traffic work areas. Plus, it lets coworkers know to steer clear during times of intense concentration. When it’s not in use, the screen slides back into the workstation, saving space. This item is the latest addition to Teknion’s “workstation enhancers” product line. You can see their other recent innovations here.


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