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Teknion ebook Garners Praise

Teknion is no stranger to the accolades that come with being a top office furniture design firm. But in 2012 they actually won a Good Design Award for something they published – not something they built. The Phonebooths & Mailboxes book is based on the company’s 2012 marketing theme: the way technology is changing the landscape of both the office and the world.

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a payphone, never mind an actual phonebooth, in many US cities. The private mailbox has given way to clustered mail centers which may eventually disappear altogether if the Postal Service finally goes belly up. Email and cell phones have simply made these old ways of doing things obsolete. Some prognosticators envision an end to the office space as we know it as well since work is becoming more mobile. Of course, whenever anything dies, something new is born. Teknion’s book explores what comes next in a free ebook complete with illustrations that will be sure to make you smile with nostalgia (if you’re old enough to recognize their iconic style).


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