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Teknion Cubicles: Partitions Like Lyft Stand Apart

Sometimes, an organization needs more flexibility than what’s available with traditional panel systems and cubicles. Partitions that are freestanding provide a higher level of configurability. This is especially true when there are multiple sizes and styles of panels from which to choose. Teknion’s Lyft collection has a full series of universal space dividers in varying heights and widths. These can be used to expand the number of design options available for their Transit, T/O/S, and Leverage cubicles.

Thin profile partitions are a cost effective alternative to traditional panel components. They can feature a combination of opaque and translucent materials to control light penetration. Freestanding versions can be used to augment workstations from any manufacturer to repurpose them for a new environment. The ease of installation and reconfiguration makes these dividers particularly appealing for workspaces that are remodeled frequently.

Three Styles Provide a Multitude of Options

Floor based panels can be connected to workstations on two or more sides to create individual office spaces. Or, they can be added between desks to divide areas while maintaining a more open plan. Screen heights are available from 42”-66” making these useful for both seated and standing applications. Multiple screens can be linked together at a variety of angles (up to 270 degrees) to make the most efficient use of space and support non-traditional layouts.

For a business that already has cubicles, partitions can be added to the top of existing panels. These short, semi-transparent screens add height without blocking interior light. Their 15” profile is designed to match other Teknion panel segment elements for a cohesive look.

Desktop screens can be used to outline the edges of a workspace or serve as a central spine between adjoining worksurfaces. Again, sizes are available to match the height of surrounding panels if desired. These can be added to all workstations or used selectively based on employee preference and position.


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