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Teknion Cubicles Go On a Diet

33diet_blvdTeknion cubicles are slimmed down for inclusion in the Diet collection. These panels have a thin 1.3” profile that saves space without sacrificing quality. This is the solution to choose when your real estate costs are steep and you want to create a high-density office environment.

Panel heights range from 42-66” so you can create collaborative workspaces, cubes, or private offices with the same product. Pricing for this furniture is designed with a limited budget in mind. Choose fabric, slatted, or glazed facades to create the ideal degree of privacy or openness in your work space.

Setup Options

Diet’s universal connectors are hinged to offer any angle up to 1800. They even have self-leveling capabilities. This built in flexibility means you can readily take advantage of efficient honeycomb configurations. 3-way T linking is also possible. Installation and reconfiguration are a snap with these lightweight panels. You can mix and match heights to make the workstation landscape less monotonous.

Off module connection permits you to size each workstation to your custom specifications without ordering additional components. This makes it simple to specify your systems furniture. So does the fact that these panels don’t require caps and trim. These Teknion cubicles are pre-finished for instant use.

33diet_configPower and Data

Besides being slim, these cubicle panels are raised 6” off the ground. This permits better air flow and is a great option if your office has wireless capabilities. For managing small amounts of cable, choose Diet’s snap-on trough that attaches to the bottom of each panel.

If you require standard cable management, integrate these panels with the Boulevard line. The docit rail components are also fully compatible with this collection and provide an alternate data and power management system. Docit actually works well as a space saving option. This makes it a perfect partner for your Diet cubes.

33diet_russetMobility Option

Want to take your Teknion cubicles for a stroll? Choose panels with casters. These allow you to create and disband workspaces at a moment’s notice. For even greater mobility, combine Diet with viceversa® rolling tables and storage units.


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