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Teknion Cubicles: District Collection

Imagine an old fashioned news room filled with employees. Intrepid reporters sit at sleek, sharp edged desks. They talk to sources on the phone, then stab feverishly at their typewriters with nicotine stained fingers. Secretaries in pencil skirts and heels rush to and fro shuffling papers from one boxy metal filing cabinet to another. Now, update that mental picture to remove the tired stereotypes and retain the elegant simplicity of the office furniture. That’s the impression Teknion cubicles from the District collection will give you on first glance.

The District line features desks, cabinets, and walls that have a distinctly classic feel that harks back to the middle of the last century. It also has a distinct cubist flavor with its multi-purpose credenzas, towers, and miniature storage units that can be layered and stacked to support worksurfaces and divide spaces. Architectural walls and glass windows can be incorporated to add definition to any configuration. The whole collection offers cubicle-style practicality and efficiency while bringing to mind a time before the first cube was introduced to the office environment.


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