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Teknion Builds a Better Mouse…Tray

Teknion’s ergonomic accessories in the Complements collection include quite a range of keyboard trays. There are models with plastic or aluminum surfaces as well as sit-to-stand arm versions for enhanced flexibility. But it’s the mouse trays that add that little something extra. The 3D mousing surface attachment has almost as many adjustable features as a high-end office chair. You can change the height or tilt of the pad and swivel it into just the right position. This tray-on-a-tray design can work for left or right handed mouse operation.

Other Complements tools include articulated arms for today’s flat screen computer monitors and laptop stands for mobile workers. Your upper body isn’t the only area receiving special attention. You can also add a footrest to your work area to take pressure off your thighs. The footrest sits on the floor instead of attaching to the chair, so it can be used with any model or brand of office chair.


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