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Task Chair Fit Check List

If you aren’t a die-hard fan of the standing only desk, this doesn’t mean you are doomed to suffering from poor ergonomics every day when you sit down to work. SitBetter offers a helpful tool you can use to evaluate whether a particular office chair is really a good fit for you. As you might expect, adjustability is key to ensuring your chair supports you throughout the workday. But you also have to take into account whether factors like height and seat depth can even be adjusted to the range you need. Petite and big & tall users should look first for a chair that is built for their stature.

Once you have the correct size of chair, there’s a lot more to consider. SitBetter walks you through more than just measurements. They describe the sensations you should feel in your body as you sit on a chair. That means you can use intuition and common sense to make the right selection. It also means you absolutely need to try a chair out in person rather than relying on an online description. Otherwise you can’t answer questions like: Do you feel pressure points anywhere? Do you get the feeling you are about to slide out of the chair?

The other benefit of trying out a chair in an office furniture store is that you can roll it over to a desk and see how the two pieces work together. For example, you can determine whether the arm rests bring your forearms into the correct position to operate a keyboard mounted in an under-desk tray. Or, you can practice rolling the chair on different surfaces to see whether you will need a chair mat to help it move easily.

All in all, this checklist is a great tool to take with you when you go chair shopping at your local office furniture dealer. We look forward to helping find the ideal fit!


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