Government Employee Sells Hot Office Furniture

June 14, 2012 by admin

This office furniture scandal is a little unusual. It isn’t about what government employees bought – it’s about what one of them sold. Apparently, an individual with access to excess office furniture used in Senate offices thought he’d make a quick buck by selling items to a local used furniture dealer. The stolen items were […]

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Politicians Learning from Past Office Furniture Scandals?

May 31, 2012 by admin

Looks like someone important must be learning a lesson from reading all the office furniture scandal stories I write about on this blog! Alvin Brown, Jacksonville Florida’s mayor, has decided to institute austerity measures when it comes to refurbishing the Duval County Courthouse. In this case, that meant sending back all the expensive new office […]

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Latest Office Furniture Scandal Features Blagojevich

May 11, 2012 by admin

The former governor of Illinois has yet one more black mark on his record after the latest news about state funds allegedly being used in inappropriate ways during his tenure. But this time, the office furniture scandal is not about a civil servant blowing a hundred grand on an executive desk. Instead, the problem appears […]

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What’s a Reasonable Cost for Office Furniture Purchases?

December 29, 2011 by admin

If there’s one thing American readers enjoy, it’s being shocked by the profligate ways of politicians. And there’s no shortage of news on this topic as one government official after another gets called on the carpet about their office furniture expenses. The latest person in the hot seat is Brad Hudson from Sacramento County. He […]

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When Office Furniture Dealers Go Bad

November 11, 2011 by admin

We’ve looked at a lot of office furniture scandals involving government customers over the last couple of years. But sometimes, it’s the dealer and not the consumer who strays from the straight and narrow path. The CEO of the Office Furniture Depot in Lakeland, Florida just busted an employee in charge of Accounting for allegedly […]

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