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State Offloading Furniture by the Ton

Vermont is perhaps best known in the rest of the US for the production and sale of maple syrup. But there are other sweet deals you can get in this state if you pay attention. The state recently cleared out its Waterbury State Office Complex in preparation for a renovation project. In the process, more than 600 tons of office furniture and equipment has made its way into the hands of city governments, schools, and other non-profit organizations. To accomplish this task in the most effective manner possible, the state hosted several sales. However, the first several events had a catch: they were only open to municipalities and non-profits, and everything was free. The public was invited to a later event where much of the remaining office furniture was sold for greatly reduced prices.

The decision makers for this deal have, of course, come under some criticism for getting rid of office furniture instead of reusing it. However, the cost of storing it would have been high and the plans for efficient use of the new space required different office furniture. The good news is that the trend of government agencies passing on old furniture to new users appears to be catching on. As long as it’s not ending up in landfill, everyone wins!


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