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Slide Your Toboggan Around the Office for Random Collaboration?

We all know that the big office buzzword for the last few years has been collaboration. But most organizations are still trying to figure out how to support the serendipitous encounters that are supposed to deliver so much value for modern businesses. Knoll is attempting to fill this support role with the Toboggan sled desk/chair in its Antenna line. No longer do you have to buy furniture designed for the hospitality industry or residential customers to create instant collaboration hubs. Instead, you can slide a few of these little desk/chairs around the office. They invite the user to sit facing forward, backward or sideways while providing a tiny worksurface just the right size for today’s handheld and tablet sized mobile devices. Fortunately, the chairs don’t feature casters. Otherwise, we’re pretty sure employees would challenge each other to toboggan races throughout the office. It’s good to have fun while you collaborate, but you don’t want people taking things too far!


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