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Sit Back and Enjoy the Cube Show

With 2013 well underway, here’s yet another article hailing the demise of the office cubicle. But at least it presents some alternatives! Check out this slideshow to see what the folks at Flavorwire think the mini offices of the future might look like. We recognize many of these images as designs we’ve blogged about before. All in all, most aren’t particularly ergonomic. Of course, several are intended as art objects rather than remote workstations, so we won’t judge them too harshly. Some are starkly ugly (like the Kruikantoor that makes the average office cubicle look like a thing of beauty). Others seem quite idyllic like the Hus 1 garden office. We think the inflatable office pod is probably the design that’s most utilitarian. In fact, it could be useful both on the go and in a traditional office environment.

Which cure for the common cube concept captures your imagination? Let us know in the comments.


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