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Shrinking Cubicles – Design Efficiency and Space Management

59 capsuleWhen it comes to office space planning, business owners look to maximize the utility of their office real estate in lots of different ways. A recent article from the Wall Street Journal reveals that one approach employers are taking is install smaller cubicles. Design features and careful implementation can actually make this less of a burden on employees than might be first supposed.

For example, some companies are using semi-transparent glass panels when reducing the size of personal workspaces. Others are limiting the total number of partitions and creating more collaborative areas. These tactics create an open feel compared to being stuck in an ever shrinking cell surrounded by 6’ high fabric clad walls.

However, there is probably a point at which people will begin to rebel. Then again, it hasn’t happened yet in Japan (take a look at this NYT article on capsule hotels). So, Americans may go along with this shift for much longer than anyone suspects. Just don’t try to reduce the size of our SUVs quite yet!


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