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Shrink Your Business: Office Furniture Planning Reduces Space Requirements

The folks over at Inscape Solutions have an interesting story to tell about a health care company that cut their space requirements by over 50% – without reducing their work force. This employer hired a firm to analyze how much of their office space was actually being used from day to day. Then, they found several ways to reduce the cost of occupancy for their business by making it possible to lease less space. Office furniture requirements were reviewed as part of this initiative.

What They Discovered

Some workers actually needed a workstation full time. Others could share workspaces using a software based reservation system to locate an open desk as needed. Many employees only needed regular access to collaborative work areas and could e-commute the rest of the time. So, the company was able to choose the right types of office furniture to fill each of these roles.

The use of space planning software was vital in enabling this company to reduce its space requirements. For a large corporation, hiring a real estate services consulting firm might be feasible. However, small to mid-sized businesses can access a more affordable solution with free, no obligation office furniture space planning from Cubicles Office Environments’ professional consultants.


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