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Show Employees You Care This Valentine’s Day

Last week, we talked about a couple of items that can help “winterize” the workplace. Now, it’s time to think about what to do to warm the hearts of your workers. Here are a couple of items from our online catalogue that might be just the ticket for February:

Orchids Are Forever

Actually, real orchids are kind of finicky. They have to be fed special plant food and given just the right amount of water and sunlight or they keel over and die. Even if they do survive, they only bloom 3 months out of the year. The rest of the time, they just sit there with their stubby little leaves and bare stem. On the other hand, a realistic vinyl orchid blooms all year long. It’s fine with indoor fluorescent lights and never has to be watered. Just dust it once in a while and it will look as fresh as ever. We think this is the ideal gift for workers at your office who like to decorate their desks. You want each recipient to feel special, so be sure to get a selection of different colors – you could even throw in some tulips for variety.

See page 315 for more details on these Baumgarten blooms.

Light It Up

For the more practically-minded employee, there’s another little something that doesn’t take up much space but can really brighten up the workplace. That’s an adjustable task lamp. The LEDU full spectrum desk lamp has a bulb that adds a more natural glow to the office space. It’s a welcome relief for eyes that have been straining to see at locations in the office that don’t have good daylight penetration or where overhead lights aren’t sufficient for close work. With a spring balanced arm and a soft touch on/off switch, users won’t be able to keep their hands off this lovely lighting fixture. The base is weighted for stability. It’s also magnetized to hold paperclips and other metal paraphernalia. We know your employees will feel the instant attraction.

See page 314 for additional task lamp options.


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