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Should You Buy Used Office Furniture on Craigslist?

Craigslist obviously has a successful business model and provides a useful service to lots and lots of users. But the company doesn’t have the ability to ensure that the goods advertised on their site aren’t stolen. If you find a hot deal on used office furniture, you might want to ask yourself if that’s because the merchandise is “hot”. Earlier this year, a building superintendent and some of his cronies heisted more than $75,000 worth of office furniture from a company that was moving from to another location. The crew got caught when the super had the not so super idea of posting an ad to sell the stolen goods on Craigslist. The guy used his own phone number and unwittingly invited undercover detectives into his home to inspect the stolen property in the hopes of selling it to them. Needless to say, the police had no difficulty finding grounds for arrest.

But this makes you think the next time you buy used office furniture: Where did it come from? If you buy from Cubicles Office Environments, you know it didn’t just get stolen from a vacant building!


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