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Self-Adjusting Office Chairs Roundup

In the world of office chairs, more isn’t necessarily better. A good ergonomic chair will have a high degree of adjustability. However, the seating option with the most knobs and levers isn’t necessarily the best one. In fact, some of the most awesome chairs are those that automatically adjust – so you can just sit back and enjoy. Here’s a look at a few choices for self-adjusting office chairs.

Cobi from Steelcase

This affordable task chair has only one adjustment – the height of the seat. Everything else about the chair moves with you. The back and the seat are both designed to flex, encouraging you to sit in a variety of comfortable postures. As one reviewer says, “I am a squirmy worker, constantly changing sitting positions throughout the day, and particularly love that the Cobi bends and adjusts with me.” Of course, the lack of adjustability in features such as tilt lock and lumbar support mean you really need to try it before you buy it to ensure it’s a good fit.

Bionic by Dauphin

This chair from the Dauphin HumanDesign® company has some very exciting automatically adjusting features. The chair detects the weight of the user and regulates the backrest counterpressure to an optimal level. What’s more, the “automatic lordosis depth adjustment” changes with the movement profile of the chair to guarantee the best lumbar support in any position. Finally, the Bionic’s seat flexes at the front edge and curves further down as you lean back. The seat depth changes as well to ensure circulation in the thighs is not impeded.

Freedom by HumanScale

Like the Bionic, this chair also adjusts the recline function based on the sitter’s weight. In addition, the headrest automatically moves up to cradle your head when you lean back and shifts out of the way when you sit upright. The pivoting backrest supports your spine as you sit up or lounge back as well. Even the seat cushioning is designed to ensure your weight is evenly distributed as you move about, relieving pressure on your legs.

These are just a few of the great automatically adjusting office chairs on the market. Check out this blog post at to see the pros and cons of self-adjusting chairs. Scroll down to the bottom to find reviews for additional chairs not covered in our exclusive roundup.


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