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See A Cubicle System That’s “On The Go”

Cubicle panels that feature casters are just one option to make workstations somewhat moveable. That approach is fine if all you need to do is rearrange your existing office layout swiftly. But, you still have to move the chairs and desks separately with those cubicle systems. What if you needed to actually pack up an entire workstation and move it to a different room?

For true mobility, you have to look no farther than…Japan. The Atelier OPA design firm has developed a workstation called The Folding Office in its line of “kenchikukagu” or architectural furniture. It’s gone from a concept to an actual item available for purchase since the company began manufacturing these units at a factory in Shanghai, China. The self-contained cubicle system includes a desk surface, shelving, a chair, and LED lighting. These aluminum workstations are available in black, white, silver, red, brown, and wood grain finishes. When closed, the mobile office looks like a sleek storage locker.


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