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San Marcos Office Furniture – Executive Seating From The Lone Star State

san-marcos-office-chairWhen you think of San Marcos office furniture, your local California supplier of workplace furnishings probably comes to mind first. However, there’s a lovely river in central Texas that’s named after “Saint Mark” as well. Tubing and other water activities are on offer there when the hill country isn’t experiencing a drought. The riverside city of San Marcos, TX actually made BusinessWeek’s 2010 list of ‘Best places to raise your kids’.

Now, this idyllic location gets another hat tip from in their Austin Ranch Furniture collection. The San Marcos office chair won’t chap your hide with its smooth leather seat and hand crafted details. This executive seating option will definitely make you want to lean back and prop your boots up on your desk. Not into rough-and-ready Southwest styling? Get the same kiln dried hardwood frame upholstered in classy Italian textiles.


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