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San Diego Office Furniture Rentals

San Diego office furniture rentals can be arranged in three different ways. First, it is possible for employers to rent an office complete with furnishings. The advantage of this approach is that it is only necessary to specify how many workstations are required. The agency leasing the property will take care of the rest. The downside is that you pretty much have to take whatever they provide. The quality and condition of the items being provided may vary substantially from what you expected. Plus, you might not be getting the best price on this type of “bundled” deal. Just like renting a fully furnished apartment, you may be paying a premium for convenience.

Long Term Leasing

Second, there is the option of leasing the furniture by itself over the long term. This generally involves signing a contract with a couple of stipulations. First, you have to agree to keep the furniture for a specified number of months to get a good rate. Second, you may be required to meet a minimum quantity for the items you plan to lease. Not all leasing companies are interested in serving small businesses that don’t require a large number of cubicles, desks, or chairs.

The Easy Way

Finally, you can look into San Diego office furniture rentals with no minimums and no contract. This arrangement allows you to pick the furniture that is the best fit for you and your employees from a wide selection of name brand items. Since we have our own refurbishing team on hand, you can be sure that the furniture you rent will never look more than gently used.

You also won’t be stuck paying for furniture when you no longer need it. You can go week to week or month to month with no long term commitment with our office furniture rental program. Renting from a local company with a record for great customer service means that you get more than just a good price. You can also obtain a free, on-site space planning consultation from Cubicles Office Environments with no obligation whether you plan to buy or rent.


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