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San Diego Office Desks Can Go To A Good Cause

It’s nice to know that people care about paying it forward here in San Diego – especially during the holidays. Office desks may seem like an unusual gift, but they can make a big difference to cash strapped organizations. Over on, poster Heather B. asks how she can donate her used office furniture to a non-profit or a school. Respondent dan “sophomoric” q. has a great recommendation – visit the ILoveSchools website to find teachers in need.

This site has a section specifically for individuals or businesses who want to donate used or new equipment or supplies. You can use the search function to help match your donation with schools in San Diego. Office desks can be used in administrative centers, as teacher’s desks in classrooms, for work stations in computer labs, and much more. The holiday season is the perfect time to renovate your offices and ensure that your old furniture goes to a worthy cause.


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