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San Diego Cubicle Living – Tips for Staying Sane and Fit

Working in a San Diego cubicle installation can do wonders for productivity – but could be rather hazardous to your employees’ health. Be a good office manager or CEO, and make sure your worker bees stay fit as well as focused with these tips!

Make sure they move it, move it.

Surprise – sitting in a chair all day isn’t really good for people. Your new cubicles might be making your employees stiff and sore! Staying stationary can cause circulation problems, back problems and more – so do your employees a favor and force them to get up and move.

  • Put oft used items such as the copier, printer and so on in a central location so anyone who wants to use them has to get up and walk a short distance. Just standing up and flexing can do wonders for staff!
  • Give employees regularly spaced breaks and someplace to spend them; a nice break area can be a huge plus. Those who spend breaks and lunchtime at their desks are more likely to end up developing health issues.
  • Consider having a workout room on the premises, installing a walking track around the building, or offering gym memberships as part of a benefits package. Get those employees moving!

Offer onsite assistance.

Companies who put their employees’ mental and physical health first reap amazing benefits.It’s not that expensive and can really make a huge difference to morale and enthusiasm.

  • Consider having a massage therapist come by twice a week. Massages don’t have to be given on a table – a scalp or shoulder massage can be very relaxing and cut down on stress. Consider adding a morning yoga class if there is employee interest – starting the day with a calming, focused exercise can amp up productivity.
  • Have cold filtered water available at all times – staying hydrated is one of the top ways to feel invigorated throughout the day! Consider offering fresh juice as well – too much cola can lead to caffeine jitters and actually reduce efficiency.
  • Consider ditching the vending machine and having fresh fruit delivered daily. This is a small perk that can have super benefits – the natural sugars in fruit give a better boost than cola. A small cart full of good choices run through the office a few times a day can provide healthy boosts of energy!

Give employees options.

When employees have a say in their San Diego cubicle decor, they are more willing to spend time there and less likely to complain.

  • Consider a chair allowance. Letting employees help pick out a chair that fits them will benefit them and you – a comfortable employee is a productive employee.
  • Same goes for ergonomic keyboards and high quality headsets or phones. Employees with dedicated equipment have a sense of stewardship and will work better with the right tools.
  • Allow workers to decorate their cubicles within reason. Making the space their own leads to contentment with the idea of spending time there.

These tips for managing an office of San Diego cubicle dwellers will pay off in better output,. employee satisfaction and office morale!




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