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Resolve Herman Miller Cubicles – An Alternative to Panel Systems

Not all Herman Miller cubicles are rectangular, and not all of them actually use panels either. The Resolve collection by Turkish designer Ayse Birsel is a perfect example of how workspaces can be reinvented in unlimited ways. This happens when assumptions are tossed out so novel ideas can flourish.

What does a busy office environment really require to be functional? It needs multiple workspaces with some form of dividing structure to give employees a sense of having their “own” space. The screen and canopy concept showcased in the Resolve design addresses this essential requirement by delineating space without being restrictive.

Open and Enclosed

The 120 degree configuration of the Resolve system permits the development of a honeycombed office layout. These wider angles make Herman Miller cubicles feel more spacious while making full use of the space available. Instead of panels that are set on the ground, poles and screens are used to separate work areas. They can also be used to create pathways winding through the floor plan.

Some screens are stretched horizontally between poles. They leave open space above and below to permit the free movement of light and air throughout the office. Retractable screens furl down in sailboat fashion to create a curved cocoon of privacy for individual workers. Canopies arc loftily overhead to complete the sense of being surrounded but not boxed in.

Up In the Air

The vertical poles are available in sizes up to 96” and feature trusses that contain data and power cables. This is a departure from traditional routing that takes place along the baseboards of panel cubicles. Cables drop down to user level through horizontal support arms so that power outlets can be supplied at workspace height.

Artistry and Imagery

The display screens are furnished with Bubbletack fabric in a wide range of natural color combinations. Acoustic inserts may be layered between the screens to reduce noise distractions. To punctuate the office environment and add interest, graphics can be printed on these screens. Designs include outdoor scenes (beaches, trees in winter) and more iconic images like the DOT Girard daisy sculpture motif. Customization is also offered for branding these Herman Miller cubicles with a client’s logo.

Decorative Touches

The Resolve design offers lots of opportunities to add finishing touches that can make a space feel more inviting. Poles can be equipped with bud vases, coat hooks, and semi-circular shelves that allow employees to personalize their workstations. Pole-top lamps with old fashioned shades give the whole office a home like quality that puts people at ease.


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