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Refurbished Office Furniture: San Diego Companies Can Earn LEED Points

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between reused and refurbished office furniture? San Diego companies that want to earn the maximum number of LEED points for their furniture purchases can learn a lot from this Ethosource video. The interviewee in this clip talks about how gently used furnishings are ideally eco-friendly because no additional raw materials are consumed making them ready for sale.

However, refurbishing or recycling the cores of damaged cubicle panels is still better from a “green” standpoint than buying new. The LEED program recognizes the benefits of both of these approaches to sustainability by awarding points to businesses that purchase used and remanufactured furnishings. Another thing to keep in mind when sourcing furniture is how much fossil fuel is burned in the transportation process. Making the decision to buy pre-owned office furniture in the San Diego area rather than having it shipped in from a distant warehouse can also earn you points.


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