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Quality Office Furniture: San Diego Seating Company Recognized

Year after year, the big design awards tend to go to giants in the office furniture industry. These accolades are usually well deserved. For example, everyone knows about the Aeron chair for a reason. It’s a long-time seating favorite in thousands of workplaces because it is so comfortable. However, there are also some local manufacturers that have received attention for their contributions to the creation of high quality office furniture. San Diego was the birth place of Office Master – a specialty seating company with a wide range of ergonomic chairs. The company has expanded significantly since its founding in 1986 and is now located in a larger facility in Ontario (the one in San Bernardino, not the one in Canada).

The seating solutions designed by this organization are exhibited at Neocon – the premier convention and tradeshow in the U.S. for office furniture suppliers. Office Master has been recognized by Business Week for being recommended by experts in the fields of ergonomics and occupational therapy. In addition, the magazine favorably compared the affordable Paramount chair to competitors’ seating options at a much higher price point. In the spirit of the holiday season, here’s a hearty congratulations to another local office furniture company for making it big!


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