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Purchasing New Desks for your Crew? Ask yourself these Questions First.

When it is time to consider desks for your work area, it is important to understand what your employees need in order to be productive. Your goal should be to create the healthiest working environment possible. Desks that have the right amount of work and storage space are much more likely to produce the results you are looking for than those that seem cramped or have so much space that things are easily misplaced. The first step to finding the right desks for your team is to know how the group works best.

Together or Separate? Are you a company that thrives on teamwork or do individuals need their own space in order to complete tasks on time? Groups can benefit from choices like the Brighton Teaming Desk that allows for ample room and a variety of configurations. Or go for small work stations comprised of height adjustable tables surrounding large interactive areas. If solitary work suits your company more, consider a 30×66 double ped desk, or similar one-person work centers.

Room to Move. How much space does your floor plan allot to each employee’s working zone? Can you spread out with individual Jade U-shaped desks or should you go compact with a 30×48, single file locking option? Remember to account for walking paths that encourage positive interactions for idea sharing.

Your Look. Does your office furniture need to make a particular statement? If so, what does it need to say? Are you a formal company that wants to project a sense of calm elegance with Wood Veneer desks? Maybe you need a more contemporary look. Laminate desks might be just right. The style of your office furniture should quietly state the mood of your company. This helps clients get a feel for what you have to offer before any words are spoken.

Taking the time to answer these questions can ensure that your furniture budget is put to the best use possible. A good purchase in the beginning can lead to many years of growth for your company. Contact us, we can help you make the right choice.


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