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Pros and Cons of Pine Office Furniture

Pine Office FurniturePine office furniture is a very cost effective choice compared to other wood furnishings on the market. Like most evergreens, pine is very fast growing. It doesn’t take the winter off like deciduous trees do; so it can keep growing when other species have lost their leaves. Because it can be grown quickly and continuously, it is fairly cheap to produce.

However, because pine trees don’t harden over the winter like hardwoods do, the wood is somewhat soft. It is durable enough to use for office furniture, but it tends to get dented easily. This is one reason the rustic look is so popular for pine furnishings. If the surface is already distressed, a few more scratches and marks won’t be noticed.

Some owners of pine furniture recommend fixing dents by pouring a tiny amount of steaming hot water into the indentation. Let the water soak in, and it may cause the wood fibers to swell back to their original size – erasing the dent. For more tips on maintaining wood furniture, check out this helpful ‘How Stuff Works’ article.


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