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Pros and Cons of Office Furniture Auctions

Are you considering buying or selling used office furniture at an auction? Here are some pros and cons to think about:

If You Are Selling

On the up side, you could demand a high price if you find just the right buyer at just the right time or if your used furniture is a brand that’s in demand. You can also offload used furniture on a fixed schedule in situation where you need to get it off your hands ASAP to make room for new furnishings. However:

  • You may have little control over the final price you get for the furniture
  • You will probably have to pay a fee to the auctioneer
  • The buyer may not show up in a timely fashion to remove the used furniture (costing you additional storage fees)

If You Are Buying

On the up side, you could get a great price if the seller is desperate and they need to get rid of the furniture quickly. They may even throw in transportation if you negotiate right. However:

  • You probably won’t have a chance to inspect each piece before you buy
  • The seller’s descriptions and photos may not be that accurate (you could end up needing to repair or replace many pieces)
  • You may have to mix and match workstations if the auctioned lot doesn’t have all the items you need
  • There’s no customer service or follow up included

On both sides of the equation, dealing with an office furniture refurbishing company can be easier, faster, and more cost effective than taking your chances with an auction.


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