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Free Space Plan and Design Consultation

Sit down with our knowledgeable team to review your free comprehensive space plan (a $400-$1,000 value free). We provide the office interior design information you need to make a smart and informed decision before you make a purchase.

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Browse our catalog for new, used and refurbished cubicles and office furniture. Select brands, styles and colors right from your desktop and quickly create the exact setup you want. Whether you're completely renovating your current office or remodeling a new space, we will customize the perfect selection to meet your needs.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Our experienced, professional technicians make sure the entire installation process goes smoothly. Because we are a local San Diego company, we quickly take care of any maintenance or repair issues.

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  • Wide selection of styles, materials and colors
  • Quick Ship options for fast delivery and setup
  • Free space plan and design consultation
  • Wide selection of styles, materials and colors
  • Quick Ship options for fast delivery and setup
  • Free space plan and design consultation

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Cubicle Buying Guide

There are so many options and choices when it comes to cubicles that things can quickly get overwhelming. Here are the top questions to ask yourself when deciding which cubicles are right for you:

1How many people do you need to accommodate – both today and in the future?
Why It’s Important: Planning for future growth allows you to purchase just what is needed for current use with the knowledge that space for future growth has been set aside.

2What functions do your employees perform?
Why It’s Important: This will help with the design of the work space in regards to sound privacy, visual privacy, and storage considerations. With high phone activity, consider taller walls that will help reduce the noise levels. For more collaborative environments consider mid height cubicle walls with glass.

3How much storage is needed for different employee types?
Why It’s Important: Storage options include lower file cabinets, 2 drawer (2 full file drawers), 3 drawer (2 small drawer and one file drawer), lateral filing (wider units that handle extra files), upper cabinets, upper shelves, and paper management systems.

4Do you need guest seating?
Why It’s Important: Options here include two guest chairs in front of manager workstations, one guest chair incorporated into one side of a workstation, or mobile file cabinets with seat cushions. This can be pulled out from under a desk when needed and rolled back under when not in use which goes right to a more efficient use of space.

5What are your power and data requirements?
Why It’s Important: If you are planning for cubicles/workstations more often than not, there will be electrical feeds that need to be connected by an electrician. Phone and computer cabling will also need to be run to the workstations. We provide full office plans at no charge and when the final furniture plan has been approved, we will provide locations for power and data that you can share with a contractor, electrician, cabling contractor.

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