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COE Office can help you make your open office furniture space concept a reality. Our experts have helped numerous businesses in the San Diego, Riverside and Orange County areas with our wide selection of open office desks, chairs, low privacy cubicles and high privacy cubicles. An open office space design can improve communication by making all staff members easily accessible. It also provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of changing to meet your needs.

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Open Office Furniture

The furniture you choose plays just as much a role in your open office as your floor plan and can help maximize your space by:

  • Increasing space efficiency: With modern open office furniture, you get the most out of each inch of floor space through compact options or corner desks.
  • Promoting collaboration: Our open floor furniture is mobile, allowing co-workers to easily shift workspaces and chairs to work together to achieve company goals.

We offer open office furniture for the whole building that can aid in transforming any space. Two of our many choices for open plan office furniture include:

  • Desks: We provide an extensive selection of open office desks to help you maximize any space. COE Office can help you match your current open floor layout or use our desks to help create a new open office environment for your staff.
  • Chairs: Seating is essential in any office, and we offer a selection of stylish and functional chairs that can enhance your open office space to get more out of your square footage.

Open Plan Office Workstations

In an open office, employee workstations are together instead of individual cubicles or private offices. We offer open plan workstations in a variety of styles and designs that allow you to get more out of your office space as well as benefits like:

  • Better communication: Since an open office workstation lets workers work side by side, they are more likely to communicate with one another and managers.
  • Flexibility: By implementing our open office plans, you don’t have to commit to a single layout and can rearrange your office as the number of employees grows.
  • No barriers: Using our open office workstations helps to remove physical and mental barriers and allows the founder to work on the same level as new employees to help everyone feel like part of a team.

Open Offices for Every Business

Every business has different needs for their office furniture, which is why we make furniture for every business. Our furniture is available in various colors, styles, finishes and brands, so you can find an option to meet employee needs while helping your office look its best. Part of how we’re able to cater to many different business’s needs is that we have provided furniture for many industries, such as:

  • Education
  • Government
  • Health care
  • Professional, technical and scientific

Learn More About Our Furniture for Open Office Plans

We understand visualizing your new office layout can be challenging, especially if it’s a significant change from your current setup. Our team will provide a free 2D and 3D space plan so you can see which furniture we plan on implementing and how it will best complement your space. Whether renovating or remodeling, we’re happy to work with you to create a solution that best fits your needs. Contact COE Office to get started today!

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