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Pranked Cubicles: Panels Covered In Post-Its

There just seems to be something irresistible about unoccupied cubicles. Panels can be coated with all types of materials from aluminum foil to fan posters of Justin Bieber while a coworker is on vacation. One of the most popular pranks is the post-it note makeover. This one is easy to carry out because all the supplies are on hand in the supply closet. Plus, employees aren’t worried about getting in trouble since post-its won’t damage the surfaces of the cubicles to which they are applied.

So, it’s usually harmless fun that lets workers test how well another employee responds to a practical joke. Of course, some people just aren’t that surprised – they know their coworkers too well. That appears to be the case at the video linked over at The Cubicle Survival Guide blog. Andy, the hapless victim, can only shake his head and laugh at the extra work his buddy has created for him.


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