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Practical Ways To Make Call Center Cubicles More Appealing

Call center cubicles are typically on the smaller side compared to other office workstations. An employee typically only needs space for a phone headset and computer. The upside of this arrangement is that more workers can fit in an office space. The downside is that employees may feel cramped. In an industry that already has a fairly high rate of turnover, anything you can do to increase worker satisfaction can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Improve Acoustics

One way to make working in a call canter environment more appealing is by carefully controlling the noise level. Telemarketing workstations are often set up in two rows facing toward a central spine to save space. When seated at call center cubicles, employees are typically facing forward – which means workers seated directly across from one another are most likely to be bothered by noise from each other’s cubicles. So, make sure this central dividing panel is designed for maximum acoustic control to keep noise penetration to a minimum.

Remember that panel height also plays a role in dampening noise. If cost is an issue, look for panels that feature noise dampening materials only from the level of the worksurface up. The bottom part of the panel can be made of less expensive materials. Another simple way to improve acoustics is by supplying headsets that cover both ears to keep out extraneous noise.

Seating & Surfaces

Call centers that are open 24/7 require special seating for employees. These chairs must be able to withstand constant use. They must also be fully adjustable to fit a wide range of body types and preferences for seat height, angle, and so forth.

Consider carefully what type of textile will be used for the upholstery. If a fabric can’t be cleaned frequently and easily, the seating will start looking grungy and unpleasant very quickly. You might choose inexpensive vinyl upholstery or high-tech mesh instead of fabric since these materials can be wiped down between shifts. In fact, the worksurface, keyboard, mouse, and phone should all be cleaned with disinfecting wipes after every shift. Employees appreciate working in a hygienic environment – especially when they have to share office furniture and equipment.


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