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Politicians Learning from Past Office Furniture Scandals?

Looks like someone important must be learning a lesson from reading all the office furniture scandal stories I write about on this blog! Alvin Brown, Jacksonville Florida’s mayor, has decided to institute austerity measures when it comes to refurbishing the Duval County Courthouse. In this case, that meant sending back all the expensive new office furniture that was installed and reinstating the older office furniture used by the mayor’s predecessor. Of course, this has stirred up a whole different controversy over whether this actually saved money since much of the furniture was apparently being leased as a gift to the county from a local office furniture supplier in the first place. Some commenters on this story claim that the old furniture is derelict and infested with mold. Perhaps politicians will simply have to start paying for all office furniture out of their own pockets or building it by hand in their garage if they want to please everyone!


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