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POD Offers New Take On Office Cubicle System

The OfficePOD is a British invention that takes the modular nature of an office cubicle system to the next level – making it mobile for an e-commuting workforce. These “pods” are intended to give employees a high level of privacy and promote productivity. The OfficePOD company believes this is key for retaining talented employees in a trust based work environment. Basically, if you have skilled employees who don’t really need a supervisor looking over their shoulder to make sure they are working, the POD may be the right kind of perk to offer. It’s like sending a cubicle home with your employee – but easier. The POD is designed for outdoor installation, so these lucky workers get to enjoy a private office without having to set aside a room in their house for this purpose.

These units are offered as part of a flexible leasing program so that employers can expand or decrease their number of PODs on an as-needed basis. The supplier handles delivery, set up, and any ongoing assistance required for using the POD. If the employee quits or no longer needs the unit, it can be relocated easily. These unique e-commuting workstations aren’t yet marketed in the U.S., but the British invasion may occur sooner than you think. The company is already enjoying significant success and just opened a new showroom in central London.


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