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Planning to Buy New Cubicles or Panel Systems? Three Options to Consider

Are you gearing up for 2010 by revamping your office space? This is a great time to look into new cubicles and panel divider systems. Here’s a brief overview of popular collections from 3 top companies along with what makes them worth considering.


Allsteel New CubiclesIf you need flexibility in creating workspaces for different personalities and tasks, consider one of the Allsteel systems. Furniture in their Stride collection can be configured to create single, dual, and group workspaces depending on workflow needs and employee preferences. New cubicles with low, frosted glass paneling offers an open feel.

Sliding shelving and under desk cubbies make storage convenient and keep clutter tucked out of sight. For ergonomic customization, try one of Allsteel’s set ups with a credenza rail. This feature allows workers to slot in their desk surface at whatever height is most comfortable for them.

This brand has another benefit that will appeal to eco-conscious workers and to your customers. The Stride Allsteel Systems furniture has received a silver “Cradle to Cradle” certification for sustainability. Coupled with a lifetime warranty that ensures a long product life, this collection has something for everyone.


The Knoll cubicle option for breezy, open work environments takes a completely different approach than that offered by glass dividers. Knoll’s Dividends Horizon models feature wide weave, semi-transparent panels. Unlike heavier fabrics, these structural textiles allow natural light through while providing a sense of personal space.Knoll Dividend Horizon New Cubicles

Opaque dividers are also available, but the bright white motif keeps the overall feel from being oppressive. Adding a pop of rich currant or fresh tangerine colors in the seating gives the whole setup a tropical feel. Sliding doors are a nice space saving feature on the overhead storage bins. Some Knoll cubicle sections are outfitted with extra power outlets and data ports just above the work surface for easy access.


If you need floor to ceiling coverage in your new cubicles, consider the TrendWall. This idea takes Trendway cubicles to the next level by allowing you to create fully enclosed office spaces of any size. These architectural walls can be used to construct work pods for extra-noisy environments where privacy and concentration are at a premium. Besides providing acoustical value, this product is certified with the SCS Indoor Advantage seal. This means the materials used don’t tend to create indoor air contamination.

Trendwall New CubiclesEach section is delivered ready to install. If you need to change your floor plan, reconfiguring these interior walls can be accomplished with minimal time and no mess. Trendway helps clients reuse as many components as possible during restructuring so additional costs are kept to a minimum. This manufacturer points out one more benefit for business owners. TrendWall products are tangible property and can be depreciated on your taxes much faster than drywall.


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