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Pinterest Takes on Workplace Ergonomics

Pinterest is the go-to social media platform if you want to look at pictures of beautiful things. In the case of office furniture, that could be an Eames chair or a Knoll table. But we also like this site for finding illustrated educational materials that can help your employees stay healthy and fit on the job. Here’s a great board on office ergonomics that covers:

  • Easy to remember posture tips and rules that can help you avoid back pain
  • Diagrams that demonstrate good positioning and spacing of various components of office furniture, equipment and body parts for computer work at a desk
  • Simple stretches you can do at your desk to stay limber and alert

Our favorite is the “Choosing the Right Office Chair” infographic from Turnstone. Raise your hand if you’ve ever considered body-slamming a coworker to get the “good” office chair. OK, maybe you wouldn’t resort to physical violence. But you might borrow their ergonomic task chair when they go on vacation and then forget to give it back. You can find Turnstone’s helpful blog post with additional tips for picking a comfortable office chair here.


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