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Picking Your Conference Table

Conference room tables set the tone in offices. They dominate the room and become the focus of many tasks. This is why picking the right one for your company is a tricky business and takes some planning.

The first thing a purchaser must consider is how many people will need to sit at the table. There needs to be enough space for everyone to sit down and write. On the other hand, if your table is too big it will make it hard for people to collaborate. They won’t be able to reach each other.

Another size consideration: how big is the office? The table needs to leave enough space around it to place chairs and for people to comfortably move around.


After you have picked a suitable size, you will have to think about what you will use the table for. Will people use it for meetings? Will you present projects at your table? Is the table a place to work together and collaborate on projects? Each one of these tasks has its own requirements. If the table is a place for projects and presentations, then built-in jacks and power outlets will be convenient for the computers you will have to plug in. A place for meetings may need to give people space to store their belongings.

Another consideration that is equally important is the tone you want to set in your office. Do you want it to look warm and inviting or cool and futuristic? There are metal conference tables with data jacks built-in that will make your IT company look very cutting edge. There are also wood veneer tables that will make your company look traditional.

You can pick warm colors and natural-looking materials to make your office look more home-like, or you can pick cool colors and make you place of business look official. What you decide will depend on the type of business you run.

Of course, some of your decor may already be in place, and you don’t want the table to clash with the rest of your office decorations. You may want the color of the tables to complement the carpet, paint job, and or cabinets. You might want to bring a picture of your office to hold against prospective tables to see if it will match. It is a good idea to add the dimensions of the table you are looking for to the picture, too, so you have all the necessary references you need in one spot when you go furniture shopping.

At Cubicles Office Environments, we have a wide range of conference room tables to fit your company’s specific requirements. One of them is sure to match the size, tone and decorative needs of your office. We can also make them to your specifications as well, so contact us. We will get you the best table for your business.



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