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Philips Launches Anti-Slumping Computer Monitor

There are plenty of ergonomic workplace software apps available to remind workers to get up and move around and stretch. But what about a tool that helps you have better posture while you are sitting and working?

Philips has just introduced a new monitor complete with sensors that let you know if you’re not using your computer screen correctly. It can tell how far you are from the monitor and whether your neck is in proper alignment. Then, the monitor can let you know to adjust your distance and the angle of your neck to limit eye fatigue and reduce muscle strain and neck pain. Of course, the monitor itself is set up to be highly adjustable. That way, it’s not just the user who has to do all the moving. You can fiddle with the height, angle, and tilt of the screen to make sure it’s set up just right for you. So far, the ErgoSensor monitor is debuting in Europe. But we all know that it’s needed here in the US where good posture is hard to find!


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