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Personalize Your Cubicle With Accent Furniture!

cubicle accent furniture

Personalize Your Cubicle With Accent Furniture!

When you’re at work for 8 to 10 hours a day, things can start to get a little dull– but what if your cubicle was decorated to better reflect your personality? Taking the time to add a touch of personality to your work area can make a great difference in your work day and productivity. Most cubicles are six by six, meaning you’ve got around 36 square feet of space to customize the way you like. That’s not much. You have to be careful with the space you take up, and make careful choices about what can reasonably fit in the space you’ve been given.

Add Some Color

While you might not have much space to work with, you can take matters into your own hands, at least as far as your company will allow. The standard dull, gray walls of your cube can be covered in bright colors, and you could lay down an area rug to add more life and color. If you’re going to spend 40 hours a week or more in that same 6 by 6 area, shouldn’t it speak to your preferences a bit?

A Matter of Furnishings

Another great way to personalize your cubicle is something you might not have thought of: swapping out the desk chair. Offices usually provide chairs that are of lower quality, because let’s face it: buying thousands of chairs can add up in cost. Purchasing and bringing your own desk chair to work can be beneficial, not only for making your work day more bearable, but for health reasons. A well designed desk chair provides better back and lumbar support, leaving you with less aches and pains at the end of the week. And it can be any color you want, which adds a bit of flair to what might be an otherwise colorless space.

Think About Lighting

The overhead fluorescent lighting can suck the life right of the work day, and while there isn’t much you can do about that, adding desk lamps and spot lighting can reduce the effects a bit. Buying brightly colored lamps and aiming them in a way that is most beneficial to you can help make the workload easier to handle, as well as reducing eye strain. As a bonus, the additional lighting isn’t likely to interfere with your work in any way, so your office and supervisors aren’t going to complain about them.


The biggest aspect of personalizing your cubicle is accessorizing. Hang photo frames on the walls with pictures of your children, your pets, or even your favorite vacation spot. Remind yourself why you go to work each day. Place a brightly colored tack board or calendar on the wall to help keep track of deadlines and due dates. If you have enough space, adding a small potted plant, or even a larger plant in the corner of your cube, will greatly increase your mood throughout the day. The green of the plants will give warmth to the small space and increase the atmosphere, in addition to slightly making the air better. Using your own pencil and letter holders gives you even more options of brightening up your work area.

While a cubicle might not be your first choice of work areas (everyone wants the corner office, after all), it doesn’t have to be miserable. A bit of accent furniture and color can increase your productivity and mood, which leads to some potential promotions within the company. You’ll definitely have an edge over the competition if you’re excited to face the day, instead of waiting for five o’clock to arrive from the moment you walk inside.

Gracie Gardner is an interior designer from Tucson, Arizona. She has written articles about interior design, painting, and Tucson furniture stores.


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