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Pair Haworth Systems Furniture with New Range of Office Chairs

Haworth systems furniture solutions offer comprehensive paneling, “desking”, and architectural concepts for offices of every size. These are designed to provide functional and aesthetic components to match your needs and preferences. Now, this manufacturer has upgraded its accompanying seating options to include a whole new range of sleek and user friendly System 59 office chairs.

System 59 Office Chair

System 59 Office Chair

What’s new about what looks like just another black task chair? Each unit features Haworth’s proprietary Automatic-Weight-Control-Mechanism. That’s a fancy way of saying you don’t have to mess with knobs and levers to adjust the tilt of your chair anymore. Instead, this advanced, ergonomic feature responds to your shifting weight and creates a dynamic seating experience that fully supports you.

Do you want to coordinate these office chairs with your existing Haworth systems furniture? Choose from the company’s recently expanded fabric and color options. The System 59 series will be available for purchase in January, so get your budget ready!


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