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Outdoor Office Furniture Ideas

With the increasing prevalence of mobile work, employees are learning to set up their own, impromptu workstations wherever they can. That may be at home, in the employee lounge, or at the proverbial coffee shop. Once workers get a taste of this freedom of movement, they may want to try out new spots around your business facility. If you have some green space outside your office, this is an ideal opportunity to set up an open air workspace. Imagine the good mood your employees will be in when they can spend a couple of hours in the cool of the morning soaking up some sun as they work. Of course, you’ll need some outdoor office furniture to make this feasible. The typical task chair and cubicle setup isn’t going to work. Here are outdoor furniture options from 3 top office furniture manufacturers. They aren’t as ergonomic as the indoor versions, but you could definitely cobble together a decent workstation for occasional use:

The Richard Schultz Collection

Richard is one of Knoll’s design masters when it comes to outdoor furniture. These tables and chairs beckon employees to come outside and work al fresco for a few hours. Aluminum finished with a polyester powder coating makes these chairs and tables highly weather resistant. Choose teak, tempered glass, or porcelain enamel over steel for the tabletop.

The Emu Round Seating from Steelcase

These chairs may be all metal, but they can be gentle too. The seat has a rounded contour for maximum comfort. The other must-have item from this collection is the Emu Shade. This rain and stain resistant cloth canopy can help your employees keep working outside without getting sunburnt. It really is the item in the collection that looks like a flightless bird.

Aluminum Group from Herman Miller

This Eames chair actually has an interesting backstory. It was originally designed for outdoor use. Then, it was updated for indoor applications. In 2001, it was revamped again with newer weather resistant textiles for a trip back outside. You can’t get more classic than an Eames chair for an outdoor office. In fact, these might be so comfortable that your employees will never come back inside again!


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