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Orange You Glad You Like Office Furniture?

According to Neil Steinberg at the Chicago Sun Times, orange was the hot color at NeoCon 2011. This rich, vibrant hue is aligned with the energy of change in the philosophy of Feng Shui, and that’s certainly something the hard hit office furniture industry needs right now. The particular orange that’s being incorporated into laminates and upholstery is PMS 716 (according to Pantone). It’s a rich pumpkin orange that’s more fall harvest than traffic cone.

In an amusing exposé, Neil recounts how all the furniture designers slapped a different moniker on the same shade of orange to make it their own. Some were embarrassed at being seen as all showing up to the party wearing the same dress. Others were vocal about their pride in being “on trend” with the next big thing in office furniture colors. What do you think will be the color of choice at NeoCon 2012? Let us know in the comments.


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