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Open Office Floor Plans

COE can help you make your open office space concept a reality. Our experts have helped numerous businesses with our wide selection of open office desks, chairs, low privacy
cubicles and high privacy cubicles. An open concept office design can improve communication by making all staff members easily accessible. It also provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms changing to meet your needs. Contact us and get a Free Space Plan!

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Create a welcoming and collaborative workplace with COE Office! Work with our design team to create your ideal open office environment layout, and watch it come to life as we guide you through every step. Choose all your office furniture, including chairs, desks, tables and accessories that match your needs and style.

Best Open Plan Office Designs in California

Whether you have a new office or want to refresh your preexisting workplace, you can count on COE Office to provide your solution. Since 2002, our company has furnished businesses throughout Southern Orange County and San Diego, California. Transforming your work environment is easy and convenient with us. 

During an initial consultation, our design specialists gather a detailed vision of your dream workplace. Any idea is possible — our experts help you choose new, used or refurbished furniture aligned with your preferences. Our extensive inventory includes many styles and colors. We provide free space planning, which allows you to visualize how the choices will look in your office. 

After refining and finalizing your designs, our team makes your ideas come to life. Our professionals provide high-quality installations and handle maintenance in the future. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, which has earned us thousands of glowing reviews from happy clients. 

Our Furniture for Open Office Floor Plans

At COE Office, we provide the following furniture for open floor concepts:


Find large desks and tables for shared workstations. We can customize the dimensions of each desk to ensure an exact fit in your space. 


Enhance the health and well-being of your team by providing comfortable and ergonomic seating with extensive lumbar support. Our rolling chairs provide a way to maneuver around an area easily.


Keep your work area open while offering some privacy. We offer modern office cubicles featuring low walls and shared workstations. 

Benefits of an Open Office Environment

COE can help you make your open office space concept a reality. Our experts have helped numerous businesses with our wide selection of open office desks, chairs, low-privacy cubicles and high-privacy cubicles. We recommend open office floor plans because they provide businesses with the following:

Improved Communication

Create an open space office design to make employees more accessible. When your space lacks physical barriers, staff members are more likely to communicate with each other. As a result, departments can collaborate to accomplish shared business goals. 

Visually Pleasing Layout

Make your workplace feel more airy and spacious. Shared workstations often feature modern furniture. The sleek and minimal designs offer a space-saving solution. 

Better Flexibility

Accommodate a changing work environment. Open floor plans encourage rearranging your table and chair configurations as needed. You can move teams around and fit more employees in a shared space. 


Enjoy a cost-effective way to furnish your office. Shared work areas require fewer individual desks and cubicle walls. When you spend less on furnishings, you can allocate those funds toward other projects. 

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With thousands of different configurations available, we’re sure we can create the office of your dreams. Ready to schedule and initial consultation and get free space planning? To get started, contact the team at COE Office!