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Office Reconfiguration Adjusts Your Furniture to Your Workforce

Office reconfiguration isn’t like moving the furniture around in your living room. This type of project is not something you do out of boredom or just because you want to try something new. Instead, it’s a step to take when you have specific objectives in mind. Recently, we’ve noticed that many of our clients are asking for our help to reconfigure their existing offices. Here are some of the reasons they choose to transform their space:


Even a lean, mean office layout can suffer from bloat over time. More furniture gets added that really doesn’t fit the available area, blocking workflow and creating inefficiency. A reconfiguration can help an office literally “get its figure back”. This is especially helpful if multiple locations are being consolidated into a shared space or if departments are being reorganized. If a concept like hoteling (hot desking) is being introduced, office reconfigurations can substantially decrease the total number of workstations required. The extra available space can be outfitted with newer, collaborative pieces like some of the lounge/work furnishings that were presented at NeoCon 2013.


Relatively few businesses in the San Diego area seem to be purchasing and furnishing new spaces right now. But the economy has turned around enough that employers are increasing their staffing levels. Office reconfiguration during a period of workforce expansion is ideal. As new workers come in who aren’t already attached to a specific space or furniture, it’s easier to make sweeping changes. In fact, a reconfiguration can help a company refresh its image while improving the work environment for all employees. It’s a good time to consider modern solutions like the introduction of height adjustable workstations and other ergonomic office furnishings that will improve morale and productivity.

Need Help With Your Office Reconfiguration?

Our space planning experts at Cubicles Office Environments can help you define the business goals you wish to achieve so you get fast ROI on your office reconfiguration project. Contact us today for a no-charge consultation. We’ll help you figure out what to keep, what to move, and what to replace for the most cost-effective outcome.


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