EcoPrivacy Acoustic™ Panels

Available as 3D, hanging, and flat panels or desk and table dividers, the EcoPrivacy Acoustic™ Panels absorb and block noise, cutting it down.

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Corporations and Small Businesses

Improve your bottom line through improved worker productivity and protect confidential client and company information.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Sound masking and acoustic panels help with HIPAA-compliance and company reputation through improved HCAHPS scores.

Military and Government Agencies

Confidentiality and information lockdown starts with effectively plugging acoustic leaks on premises with sound masking and acoustic panels.

Educational Institutions

Acoustic design protects staff and student information and counseling, and promotes focused learning in quiet areas that absorb noise, like libraries.

Banks and Financial Organizations

Sound masking and acoustic panels help with confidentiality compliance and protect private client and company information.

Churches and Counseling Centers

Acoustic design preserves peacefulness and protects privacy for prayers and confidential counseling.

Improve Productivity by Reducing Noise and Distractions

Modern offices are often aesthetically beautiful places, designed with exposed brick or stone, steel and glass, open ceilings and wide-open views. Gone are the drab, neutral coloured walls dividing up the space into inflexible, small corridors and private offices.


However great these designs are, though, they often leave out acoustics. The result is a beautiful space that is unfortunately also very noisy, stressful and distracting.


With the right mix of tools and acoustic solutions, though, Cubicles Office Environments helps solve these noise issues and ensure a highly functional, high-ROI workspace for you.


There are three ways to treat the acoustics of any workspace: the ABCs of speech privacy.


Absorb sound waves with acoustic wall panels or dividers
Block noise with STC-rated panels, partitions, walls, etc.
Cover distracting conversational noise by adding a source of unstructured low-level background sound


Sound masking and acoustic panels can achieve all three.

Improve Productivity by Reducing Noise and Distractions

  • Better Privacy
  • Better Workplaces
  • Add Beauty
  • Add Focus
  • Add Productivity
  • Reduce Workplace Distraction
  • Better Acoustics
  • Better ROI

EcoPrivacy Acoustic™ Panels Absorb and Block Noise

Achieve Effective Speech Privacy Today

The good news is that privacy, comfort, and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. You can achieve all three in your work environment and improve productivity at the same time!


Every workspace is unique on their own and presents unique acoustic challenges which requires a custom solution.


Contact us today to learn more about the revolutionary VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System and EcoPrivacy Acoustic™ Panels and the high ROI benefits they can provide your organization!