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Office Lighting Has a “No Light Bulb” Moment

Humanscale has long been known for its seating solutions and height adjustable workstations. But they’ve also got a whole array of other workplace accessories that deserve attention as well. One of the newest items is a task light called Symtra that doesn’t need a light bulb. Instead, this fixture features LED lighting that emanates from inside the lampshade itself. The shade is made up of two trapezoids mounted parallel to one another with a gap between. The inner surfaces glow with a uniform light that provides illumination without the pinpoint glare of a traditional bulb. You can adjust the amount of light across a worksurface by rotating the lamp to reveal or conceal more of the lighted surfaces. It certainly puts a new “spin” on the concept of workplace lighting.

The Symtra is expected to be available for purchase near the end of 2012. So, put it on your workplace gift list and hope your Secret Santa likes you enough to shell out the $400+ dollars to buy one for you!


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