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Office Furniture That Brings the Gym to You

Have you ever wondered what office furniture would look like if it was designed by a young person with boundless energy? Darryl Agawin, a med student turned product designer shows that the stereotype of the “couch potato” generation has it all wrong. Generation Y may actually be the first to crack the problem of the sedentary American working style. Sit-to-stand and treadmill desks aren’t ambitious enough for Agawin. Instead, he’s developed a suite of furniture for the home or office that can double as a complete gym.

In the design stage, Darryl investigated a wide array of popular fitness routines and identified the common movements and support structures. From there, he created a simple 3 piece set of furnishings that can facilitate dozens (if not hundreds) of physical exercises. It’s all very low tech, so there’s nothing that really requires maintenance. Each larger piece of furniture breaks down into smaller components to increase the versatility of the workspace/workout space. You can see the video over at Warning: If you are over the age of 35, you may get tired just watching this. The concept is called “No Sweat!”, but that’s obviously a lie.


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