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Office Furniture Stores: San Diego Is Bursting With Choices

According to a quick Yellow Pages search for office furniture stores, San Diego has over 850 businesses vying for your dollars. These companies fall into a number of different categories:

Authorized Dealers – These stores typically carry new furniture from a limited number of manufacturers. They specialize in filling mid to large sized orders for companies that are setting up a new office space or refurnishing an old one. A high level of customization is typically available with these dealers. Delivery, installation, and follow up services (such as assistance ordering replacement parts) should be provided.

Retail Centers – These locations typically carry either a blend of office equipment and office furniture or mainly home furnishings with a small selection of office furniture for individuals and small businesses. Customers typically have to pick from available stock items or from a limited range of options that can be shipped in from various manufacturers. Delivery and other services may or may not be available.

All Purpose – This type of business specializes in providing new, used, and refurbished office furniture. Customers can choose new furniture from an extensive catalog or buy deeply discounted pre-owned furnishings – including models from top manufacturers. These dealers can handle all order sizes from single pieces to workstations for an entire company. When refurbishing is done on-site, customization is often possible. Full service including installation of new pieces, removal of old office furniture, space planning, and other types of assistance are readily available.


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