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Office Furniture: Storage Unit Options

In any work environment, there is one thing you want to make sure employees have as part of their office furniture – storage space. This can come in many different varieties. Here’s a brief look at several options and the best way to use them:

Towers: Smaller towers are ideal for providing a secure area for workers to store their personal belongings. Larger ones may incorporate shelving and filing space for multipurpose use.

Overhead Bins: These are typically just the right size for binders. If your employees keep lots of research and reference materials on hand, an overhead bin is a great place to put them.

Credenzas: If your company has not gone fully electronic for document storage, you’ll need a space to store paper files. A credenza is the obvious choice since it can be equipped with internal rails to support hanging file folders.

Rolling Pedestal Units: A mobile storage unit is ideal for collaborative workspaces or environments where office furniture is reconfigured frequently. It can be rolled under a table or worksurface to keep it out of the way when not in use.

Open Shelving: Shelf units can be used to hold books/binders or to display decorative items. Beyond this, they are somewhat limited since stacks of paperwork and files may slide off the shelf. They can tend to look cluttered if they aren’t well organized.


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